Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Development of Potentiometers

Potentiometers are widely used in many electronic devices today, but aren’t well known. Used to control the electrical potential in certain equipment functions such as volume and positioning, they are obviously very important. The process that makes it work is simple—getting variable voltage by sliding contact along a resistive material.
In the early days of potentiometers, those who studied and used the process behind this instrument made use of crude resistive material, usually carbon or charcoal. It wasn’t the easiest way but it worked. Today, potentiometers—or pots as they are also called have come a long way. They are now available in more convenient designs, materials, and sizes to accommodate every necessary application.
An impressive development of this concept is linear potentiometers. Spectra Symbol, a Utah company specializing in potentiometers, introduces thin linear sensing. With ultra-thin, inexpensive and versatile linear potentiometers they are taking potentiometer technology and application to new levels.
The company provides different types of linear potentiometers for various needs. For high temperature linear sensing, contactless applications and smaller devices, there is a suitable linear potentiometer for them. They are easy to install and use, too. Due to these features, linear potentiometers are considered convenient and indispensable in many electrical products. Spectra Symbol’s linear potentiometers are used in medical devices, aerospace and consumer products that require position sensing.
With continuing research and development, linear potentiometers and other types of potentiometers for that matter, can be expected to improve even more. As they do, potentiometers will be used in more products, and make a significant impact in our life. We may not see or even realize how useful potentiometers are in many devices we use, but they are there and they make life a little better.

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