Thursday, August 16, 2012

Linear Potentiometer, Position Sensor and Distance Sensor

In recent months, Spectra Symbol has developed two new absolute linear potentiometers. These are new because they are distance sensors. The lengths of these two position sensors available at Spectra Symbol have grown from 2 meters long to 4 meters long. Because of demand for the linear potentiometer in distance measurement, Spectra Symbol has responded by developing a new production technology to account for extending lengths of their patented linear potentiometers. First to be available in the extended lengths is the SoftPot technology. It is the basis of the membrane potentiometer technology, the first and most common sensor developed by Spectra Symbol. This is used in temperatures from -40 C to +50 C, and is often used for medical position sensing and other ambient temperature applications.

The second technology available in 4 meters length is the MagnetoPot. Multiple manufacturers of tanks need a better method to determine the height of their liquid level. They approached Spectra Symbol for an improved distance sensor. Our MagnetoPot sensors allow a contactless feedback system, by mounting the distance sensor on the outside of the tank, which correspond to a magnet within the tank, attached to the float. As the float rises and falls with the liquid level, the MagnetoPot gives absolute linear potentiometer feedback contactlessly from the outside of the tank. Obvious benefits include separation from the corrosion that occurs inside a tank, simplicity in mounting the sensor, ease of replacement or movement of sensor, improved accuracy of liquid level. Additionally, the MagnetoPot is rated -40 C to +85 C, making it a robust solution for automotive and consumer products.

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